Why did Dilip Kumar go to this girl 'leave' Saira Banu on his engagement day, know the reason

In Bollywood, the most romantic couple Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu's love story is very interesting, but there was a wall between their love. Know the whole story

Everyone knows that Saira Banu was a fan of Dilip Kumar from the beginning. When she was 12 years old, she used to love Dilip Kumar as crazy people. Saira Banu and Dileep Kumap are Evergreen Love Couples. Let me tell you, Saira Banu was married at a very young age. When Saira Banu was married to Dilip Kumar, she was only 22 years old and Dilip Kumar was 44 years old. There is a clear difference of 20 years between the two. That is, Dilip Kumar is 20 years older than Saira Banu.

Saira Banu shared an anecdote with Dilip Kumar. He had told during an interview that the day Dilip Kumar and Saira were getting engaged, Dilip Kumar left his engagement in a hurry and went to a girl. He told, "When we were both engaged, there was a girl who was a big fan of his. When he came to know that he was going to get engaged, he ate sleeping pills.

Saira Banu further told that, 'As soon as Dilip Kumar came to know this, he left his engagement at the same time and went to meet her and explained her a lot. Then after that came back in my engagement and got engaged with me. Saira made her Bollywood entry in the year 1961. Saira Banu's first film was Junglee. Saira Banu played a Kashmiri girl in the film. In the 60s-70s, Saira Banu was named among the famous and beautiful actresses of Bollywood.