Troubled by trolling, Bharti Singh and husband Harsh took this step

Bharti Singh and husband Harsh Limbachiya have suffered from trolling after coming out of jail in a drugs case. A lot of negative comments are being made about both on social media. After getting upset over trolling, Bharti has limited the comments section on her Instagram account. At the same time, Harsh has hidden all his comments.

Please tell that Harsh had previously shared a photo with Bharti, on which users started trolling him. Although Harsh gave a befitting reply to every troller, but now Harsh has hidden his comments section.

However, both of his friends are supporting him fully. All of them are pouring lots of love on their posts.

Raju Srivastava opposed Bharti

When Bharti was arrested, Raju said, 'Can Bharti and her husband do this? My heart is not ready to accept this. People love you very much, millions of people speak their idol to you. They put your photos on their phones. They want to be like you. So what is the need to do all this? You cannot become a good comedian by taking drugs or you will not get energy from it. I feel very bad. But I would say that Bharti is not like this. She is a good artist. But I saw the news that Bharti has been arrested. They have confessed and the police have got proof. What is going on? Where is our film world going? '

Krishna supported Bharti

Opposing Raju's statement, Krishna had supported Bharti and said that Raju Srivastava had done a lot of nonsense. What Bharti asked for was quite shocking. He has spoiled the relationship for Lifetime with everyone. The entire team of our show is angry with him. Being at least one industry, Raju should not have said all this for Bharti.