Kashmira Shah said on losing weight - 14 times IVF effort had become sluggish and heavy

Kashmiri Shah has surprised everyone recently with his transformation. After losing weight, Kashmira shared several bold photos in which she was seen flaunting her body. Now Kashmirira talked about the journey of her transformation. He said that he has gained a lot of weight due to IVF.

Kashmira told that she has worked hard to keep her body fit. Speaking to E-Times, Kashmiri said, 'When I was shopping with Krishna once in the US, I noticed that I was not able to fit in small and medium size. Then I feel that my weight has increased significantly. Kashmira said that Krishna's cousin encouraged him.

Kashmira said, 'I started eating in small portions and in 15 days I took 3 kg of Vajam. This increased my confidence and then I started doing a lot of workouts. When the lockdown happened, I started wearing masks at home too so that I don't eat too much. By the time the lockdown was lifted, my weight was 59 kg and today my weight is 56.4 kg. I am proud that I accomplished my goal. '

Kashmira told that her doctor told her that IVF process would increase her weight. However, Krishna and Kashmira finally decided on serogacy.

Kashmira said, 'During 14 IVF attempts, many steroids went into my body which made me heavy. I could not even do the workouts because of being confused. When something was not right, I started eating more food in anger.
Kashmira further said, 'I am feeling very proud that I have lost weight.'