Kangana Ranaut rained again, told herself to Babur lioness and Diljit Dosanjh, Karan Johar's pet

On one side, farmers have taken to the streets to protest against three new agricultural laws, on the other hand there is a war on Twitter about their movement. In this sequence, Kangana Ranaut has now launched a very fierce attack on Punjabi star Diljit Dosanjh. Kangana Ranaut tweeted, 'O Karan Johar's pet, who was agitating for his citizenship at Dadi Shaheen Bagh, was seen agitating for the MSP of the farmers. I don't even know Mahinder Kaur ji. Have you played the drama? Now stop it. ' 

In fact, Kangana Ranaut had a tweet, in which a woman was tweeted by Shaheen Bagh's Bilkis Banu, that she agitated with Rs 100 and now she has come in the farmers movement. Kangna later deleted the tweet, but the controversy had escalated by then. The woman whose Kangana tweeted while sharing a picture is being described as Mahinder Kaur of Bathinda in Punjab. While sharing a video of Mahinder Kaur, Diljit Dosanjh had attacked Kangana, saying that no one should be so blind that anyone speaks anything. Now in response to his tweet, Kangana Ranaut has uttered this scathing attack. Kangana has made several tweets in the past on the peasant movement. 

In another tweet, Kangana while describing herself as Babbarsherni wrote, Listen, vultures do not consider my silence as my weakness, I am seeing how you are instigating innocent people by lying and using them. When, like Shaheen Bagh, the secret of these dharnas will open, I will write a brilliant speech and I will do my mouth for you.

Kangana wrote in another tweet, writing, 'I only commented on Shaheen Bagh's grandmother because she tried to instigate riots there. I do not know from where they have brought another elderly woman and are now spreading endless lies. Vultures are trying to incite the mob against a woman.