Good news for fans of Monalisa, this statement about pregnancy

Monalisa, who made everyone crazy with her hot and bold style, now wants to become a mother. Monalisa said that she could become a mother by next year. Monalisa also told that her and husband Vikrant Singh's family has been under pressure on both of them for a long time, after which both have now decided that they will plan a baby soon.

Speaking to E-Times, Monalisa said, 'Yes, we are planning for baby. Maybe only next year. Mera and Vikrant's family have been making pressure for Baby for a long time. So hopefully next year I go to Mamban. '

Please tell that Monalisa has weighed 7 kg in lockdown. To this, Monalisa said, 'I have lost 7 kg and I feel very good. I can wear all my dress and people are praising me too. People and fans are asking me about my diet routine. Looks great. '

Monalisa gives credit to her husband for this. The actress said, 'Vikrant is my inspiration. They mobilized me to lose weight. When I came out of Bigg Boss, I had lost 10 kg. But then I started gaining weight. In lockdown I did a workout with Vikrant and then lost weight. We also used to watch what we had to eat. We did not stay hungry just eat healthy food.

About her diet and workout routine, Monalisa said, 'I used to do yoga, meditation and planks too. Apart from this, she used to do cardio for 45 minutes to 1 hour daily. We used to do workouts every day. I used to follow strict diet so that my immunity was strong and I also lost weight. I am still continuing my diet. I think 70 percent diet is behind my weight loss and 30 percent exercise. '