Fans stuck on new song 'Kamal Karte Ho' by Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma, viral on sight

'Bigg Boss-13' fame Paras Chhabra and Mahir Sharma's new song 'Kamal Karte Ho' fans are very much liked. In the song, fans are praising the superb chemistry and bonding between Paras and Mahira. There is so much excitement among the fans about the song 'Kamal Karte Ho' that made 'Mahira Kamal Karte Ho' trend on social media.

A fan wrote- 'This song is fire in winter. Fantastic lyrics and music and adepts always rock. Paras acting and chemistry between the two is rock. Another fan wrote- 'The most beautiful couple is Mahir and Paras. The two look fabulous together. Master do wonders. A fan wrote- 'Once again Pahira has done wonders with her brilliant storyline. At least this is not a copy of other music videos.

Mahira and Paras's song 'Kamal Karte Ho' has got more than 5 lakh 65 thousand views so far. The song has been composed by vocalist Afsana Khan and lyrics by Abir. The commentary box of the video is full of praise for Mahira and Paras.

Mahira Sharma recently celebrated her birthday in Dubai. Paras and Mahira's friends were present at Mahir's birthday celebration. Mahira and Paras had a friendship during Bigg Boss-13. On the show too, the chemistry and bonding between the two was well liked by the fans