Corona vaccines start in Moscow, Russia; 70 vaccine centers opened; Record 28782 patients arrived in a day

The Kovid-19 vaccination program began in Russia's capital Moscow on Saturday. This vaccine is being given to those people who are most at risk of getting infected. Russia is using its vaccine called 'Sputnik V'. Scientists who developed 'Sputnik V' believe that it is 95 percent effective and has no major side effects. However, despite the positive results, the vaccine's mass testing is still ongoing. Thousands of people have registered for vaccination.

A BBS report said that by the end of this year, only 2 million doses of the vaccine are expected to be made. Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, said that it is first being made available to school staff, health workers and social workers. All patients will be given both injections in a 21-day gap.

As dozens of vaccination centers were opened

, 70 vaccination centers were opened in Moscow on Saturday. Doctors, teachers and local body workers have been asked to schedule their time for this. Mayor Sobayanin told that in a few hours more than five thousand people have registered. Russia claimed that 'Sputnik V' is the world's first registered corona vaccine, as the government approved it in early August. However, many international experts criticized Russia's move saying that the vaccine was tested on only several dozen people at that time. On this, President Putin said that one of his daughters had got the initial vaccine.

A record 28,782 new cases of corona infection in

Russia On the other hand, the total number of infected has increased to 24,31,731 with a record 28,782 new cases of corona virus (covid-19) infection during the last 24 hours in Russia. Earlier on December 3, Corona had the highest number of 28,145 new cases. During this period, due to the death of 508 patients of Kovid-19, the number of people who died from this epidemic increased to 42,684. Russia's Corona Virus Response Center released this statement on Saturday. According to the statement, 28,782 new cases of corona were reported in the last 24 hours in 85 regions of Russia, out of which 5,867 people have not reported any symptoms of corona virus.

Cases are increasing at the rate of 1.18 percent per day

. After the introduction of these new cases, the number of corona infected in the country has now increased to 24,31,731 and cases are increasing at the rate of 1.18 percent per day. The capital Moscow has recorded the highest number of 7,993 new cases. There have been 3,726 new cases of corona infection in St. Petersburg and 1246 in the Moscow region. Apart from this, 27,644 patients of Corona have fully recovered during the last 24 hours. So far, 19,16,396 people in Russia have defeated the corona infection.