Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla becomes second finalist of this season? This is how the discussion

The reality show Bigg Boss 14 is vying to become a finalist among contestants. Abhinav Shukla is said to have become the second finalist of the show. She achieved this place in the finalist by defeating Nikki Tamboli. 

According to The Khabari, Abhinav Shukla has succeeded in becoming a filist after Ejaz Khan. It is known that earlier in the weekend episode of the host Salman Khan made Rubina Dilac the first finalist. After this, Big Boss gave a task to all the contestants, in which everyone had to tell their secret.

By winning this task, Ejaz Khan replaced the finalist from Rubina Dilac. Now Abhinav Shukla has become the second finalist after defeating Nikki Tamboli. Mix reactions of people are coming to enter the final of Abhinav Shukla. Many believe that he has not contributed much to the show, while others like his real personality. 

Let us tell you that recently Rubina Dilac had told about the relationship between her and husband Abhinav Shukla. Rubina says that there was a time when their marriage was in danger and both of them were moving towards divorce.

He said, 'I and Abhinav had given each other till November. Meanwhile, he got a chance to come in Bigg Boss. If both of us did not come here, we might not be able to live together. We were moving towards divorce. ' Rubina could not stop the tears from her eyes during this time. Her husband Abhinav Shukla was also crying after hearing Rubina's confession.