Athiya Shetty is very scared since 'Motichur Chaknachur', father Sunil Shetty told the reason

Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty has told in a recent interview that his daughter Athiya Shetty is quite scared due to her last film 'Motichur Chaknachur'. The film got embroiled in controversy due to the conflict between the film's director Devamitra Biswal and producer Woodcaker Movies. The controversy of the movie 'Motichur Chaknachur' fell on the box office.

Talking to TOI, the father of actress Athiya Shetty and actor Sunil Shetty said that how Contraversi has influenced Athiya. Sunil Shetty said about the contraversy, 'I am his (Athiya) sounding board, I am also his bounce board and boxing bag. She punch me a lot. She is very clear about what she does not want to do. '

Sunil Shetty said that Athiya reads all the options thoroughly before signing any project. He said, 'Sometimes it becomes difficult and there are many such films. Now 'Motichur Chaknachur' has frightened him (Athiya). As an actor, she received tremendous praise, but despite no fault of hers, she was dragged into something for which she was not even responsible. She is so scared now that whatever comes from me, she wants to think about it 25 times. Now he doesn't have that kind of faith. She says that they are your friends and it happens.

Sunil Shetty told that Athiya is comfortable with her skin. He said, 'Athiya is very comfortable about her skin. We are happy and we are stable. We have no misery of any kind. Let me tell you that apart from Athiya, Nawazuddin Siddiqui was also in the film.