Aditya Narayan threatens wife Shweta after marriage, says- There should be no shortage in the test or else

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Aggarwal are enjoying their married life. On 1 December, the two married between family members. Now a video of Shweta is going viral in which she is performing post-wedding rituals. In the video, you will see that Shweta is making something with her mother-in-law Deepa Narayan.

Aditya jokes with Shweta on this occasion and says, no effort should be left in the test or else go to your in-laws. Then when everyone corrects them that the in-laws have no maternal uncle, Aditya says yes to the maternal uncle. Even Shweta could not stop laughing after listening to Aditya.

Let's say that singer Aditya Narayan married fiance Shweta Aggarwal in the temple on 1 December. Aditya is very happy after taking seven rounds with Shweta. He says that marrying Shweta is a dream come true. Aditya has dated Shweta for 11 years before marriage. 

In a conversation with Bombay Times recently, Aditya said, 'Shweta and I are married, it feels like a dream. It is like a dream that came true. I cannot think of spending my life with anyone other than Shweta. They have helped me become a good person. Shweta is the person with whom I am who I am. '

Aditya's torn pajamas

During the marriage, Aditya Narayan's pajamas were torn, so he had to seek the help of a friend. During the interview with Spotboye, Aditya was asked what was your most memorable moment during the wedding? In response, he said, 'I had to wear my friend's pajamas. My pajamas were torn when Shwaveta was picked up to wear a garland. In such a situation, I had to ask a friend for his pajamas. Thankfully, my friend and I have the same height and height.