You can also wear this maxi dress by Anushka Sharma, its price is very low

Anushka Sharma is enjoying her pregnancy period these days. However, recently she was seen shooting. During this, Anushka's outfits were quite popular. You can also buy Anushka's maxi dress which is most overshadowed. Yes, its price is not in lakhs but in thousands. Actually, the cost of this dress is 5590 rupees, but online this dress is being available at a discount of Rs 3913.

By the way, Anushka is taking great care of her looks even in pregnancy. She is seen every time in stylish outfits.

Recently Anushka said about her return after becoming a mother, 'I will return to work after delivery. I will create such a system at home so that baby can balance between home and work. I want to work as long as I am alive because it makes me happy. '

Anushka had said, 'I am going to continue shooting for a few days now. My team takes full care of safety and working with them is a lot of fun.

Virat is excited about the new guest

A few days ago, Virat was asked that how do you feel if new guests are coming to your house in January? While answering this question, Virat had said that since he came to know about this, there is no place for his happiness. He had said, 'It is an incredible feeling. It is difficult to express in words how we are feeling.

Talking about Anushka's professional life, she was seen in the last film Zero. She was accompanied by Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles in the film. The film was a flop. Anushka has not signed any film since this film. However, after Baby is done, she will sign new projects.