When Pankaj Tripathi was seen in the girl's getup in the village, a person said - this boy will leave many heroines

Actor Pankaj Tripathi, who has won his stellar acting status, is counted among the top stars of Bollywood today. Pankaj's recent release 'Mirzapur' still occupies the hearts and minds of the people. In this web series, Pankaj has played the role of a Bahubali 'Kalin Bhaiya'. Pankaj's character of Bahubali is very popular today, but do you know that he has also played the character of 'girl' for a time.

Actually, this is because Pankaj was in the 10th and used to live in his village. During that time, the artist playing the role of a girl in a play could not come due to any reason, then Pankaj replaced that artist and played the girl's role.

Recently, in a conversation with the media, Pankaj himself disclosed that, 'Before the girl was offered the role, the director of the play had asked him to take his father's consent so that tomorrow he can go somewhere Do not jump with sticks in play '. If Pankaj is to be believed, father did not take any objection to this and he was allowed to play this role.

It is said that Pankaj became so immersed in this role that even the viewers were left watching him. Pankaj says that seeing him as a girl, the elders of the village used to say that if this boy went to Bollywood, then he would leave a big actress.