when Kapil Sharma was praising his wife Ginni, then her mother became angry, said this thing

This time, the Indian cricketer and Chennai Super Kings batsman Suresh Raina is coming to rock the 'Kapil Sharma Show'. His wife Priyanka Raina is also coming on this show with Suresh Raina. For the first time, the fans will see this couple's funny and humorous style.

In the latest promo of this show, both of them are seen talking about their baby and not during lockdown but before that they are also seen doing jokes about the baby's planning. Suresh Raina is seen saying - We were already planning, but not in lockdown.

During this, Kapil told that after the birth of the daughter, he respects his wife more because a mother has to face a lot. Kapil then told about an anecdote when his mother was angry. Kapil said, "Once I told Guinea that after the birth of your daughter, Guinea has increased my mind and respect for you. After listening to me, the mother who was sitting nearby would say that I gave birth to 3 children but you never said that to me.

Kapil Sharma further says that even though our mother does not say anything, we should also take care of them and make them feel special. On the show, Kapil Sharma also told the fans that Raina's coach was none other than his wife Priyanka's father. He jokingly asked about this - did he go to batting or setting? To which Suresh Raina said - I have done a lot of setting.