Whatsapp OTP Scam: Keep these things in mind if you want to avoid the trap of hackers

WhatsApp is the most famous instant messaging app not only in India but in the world. This is the reason why hackers are now eyeing WhatsApp users. Hackers have also discovered a new way for this. Users are being hunted through OTP Scam. For the slightest mistake, fraudsters will get access to your WhatsApp account. In such a situation, it is definitely that you understand the WhatsApp OTP scam and know the ways to save. 

What is Whatsapp OTP Scam?
Usually hackers contact you via SMS, Facebook Messenger or any other way as your friend or relative. They will tell you that their WhatsApp account has been logged out by mistake and they need your help. They will claim that they are not getting OTP due to account logout and they are sending OTP to your number instead. An OTP comes from WhatsApp on your number and your account is logged out as soon as you tell the code to the fraudster. Giving OTP means that the hacker has now got access to your account. 

How Scam Works
Actually, whenever users want to run their WhatsApp account on a new smartphone, they have to go through a process. For this, you have to enter your registered mobile number by opening the app in the new device. For security, an OTP goes to the same number, which when inserted will start an old WhatsApp account in the new phone. Hackers take advantage of this process and ask your OTP by inserting your mobile number in a new phone. As soon as you enter the correct OTP, your WhatsApp starts on their phone.

How to avoid OTP scam
First you have to understand that WhatsApp never sends OTP by itself, unless you are registered on a new phone. If you ever come to OTP without will, then do not share it with anyone. Not even with your close friends or relatives. If you accidentally fall victim to this scam, then immediately put a mobile number on WhatsApp and ask for a new OTP and login again. This will close your account on any other device.