Wajid Khan's wife accused of forcibly converting, Kangana Ranaut asked this question to the Prime Minister

Kangana Ranaut, who has always been in the news about her statements, has made a comment about the Parsis this time. In fact, Kangana Ranaut has reacted by tweeting about the problems of Kamalrukh, wife of the late singer Wajid Khan.

There is news about Kamalrukh that after the death of Wajid, he is being forced by the in-laws to accept Islam. Along with this, Kamalrukh has also accused Vajid's family of harassment. She has stated in one of her letters that she comes from Parsi community and her husband Wajid was a Muslim but now she is being forced to convert.

Kangana has tweeted on this matter. He wrote - Parsis are a minority in this country. He had not come to capture the country, he had come in search and he sought the love of Mother India very comfortably. Their small population has contributed immensely in the beauty, growth and economic matters of our country.

He said that he (Kamalrukh) is the widow of my friend who is being harassed by the family. I want to ask Prime Minister Modi, how do we protect minority people who do not do drama, do not behead anyone, riots and do not convert? The declining number of Parsis reveals a great deal about the character of India. 

Kangana said in the third tweet - the mother's child who plays the most drama gets attention and benefits. And who deserves to get all this does not get anything. We need to think. 

Let me tell you that Kamalrukh wrote in the letter, 'I was a Parsi and he was a Muslim. Let us understand that the colleges were sweethearts. Even when we got married, it was done under the Special Marriage Act. I would like to share my experience on how I am facing discrimination on the basis of religion after merging intercasts. This is so embarrassing. And everyone's eye is opener.