Top three features of Google Assistant, which will make your life easier

Technology has made a lot of progress in the last few years and after the arrival of smartphones, technology has achieved a new status. Nowadays most of our work relies on gadgets like laptops, smartphones and smartwatches. There will be hardly any of you who will not have a smartphone. If you have a smartphone, your phone will also support virtual assistant such as Apple Siri or Google Assistant. You may have used Google Assistant many times in your Android phone, but you also may not know some features. Let's know the top three features of Google Assistant,

How to activate Google Assistant?
- Before using Google Assistant, you have to activate Google Assistant. 
- To activate Google Assistant, unlock the phone. 
After this, press and hold the home button for a while and say OK Google or Hey Google. 
- After this, click on the explore icon appearing in the right side.
- Now click on the profile photo on the top right side.
- Now click on Assistant's option from Settings.
- After this, choose your phone.
- After this, click on Get Started and turn on Google Assistant.

Easy to operate
Google Assistant can do a lot of calculations in a pinch. For example, if you want to know how many kilometers are in 20,000 miles or how many rupees are there in 650 dollars, then you do not have to search for it. Google Assistant can answer these questions easily. All you have to do is ask Google your questions. After that you will have the answers in seconds.

Translation Not
all people are aware of all languages. In such a situation, many times we have to translate a language into our language. Google Assistant can help you with this. You can translate a language into Hindi or any other language by speaking a sentence to a Google Assistant.

Traffic updates
take care of traffic before going anywhere from home. By the way, Google Maps also gives information about traffic, but you can also take the help of Google Assistant for a traffic update. For example, you can ask Google Assistant how long it will take to reach India Gate. After this, Google Assistant will show you the way with traffic updates.