These big stars were also homeless with Kavita Kaushik in Bigg Boss house, the fans were shocked

Every day in Bigg Boss 14, the scene is seen overturned. Like recently a promo was released where Ijaz Khan took the name of Jasmine Bhasin instead of taking the name of Pavithra and then what was the heart of Pavithra. Pavitra's friendship seemed to change in love these days. Both went on a romantic date as well, but suddenly Ijaz changed his mind and betrayed Pavitra.

At the same time, in the last episode, when the audience was made homeless by Kavita Kaushik, all the fans along with the family were shocked. This is not the first time in Bigg Boss house that the big stars have become homeless in the first week itself. We are going to tell you in this story, who were the big stars in the last season, who went out of the house in the first week itself.

The first name in this list comes from Rashmi Desai who appeared in the previous season i.e. Bigg Boss 13. In the beginning of the show, Rashmi also suffered the shock of aviction. Actually, Rashmi was not doing much in the show. Rashmi was voted out after joining the nomination.

At the same time, another name is TV industry's most popular daughter-in-law Devolina Bhattacharjee. Devolina was in season 13. Let me tell you, Devolina was also voted out with Rashmi Desai. But after a few days both of them had a banged entry in the show.

Anoop Jalota