Tabu did the biggest reveal so far, said - Ajay Devgan did not let my marriage happen

Bollywood actress Tabu is not interested in any identity today, but she is still unmarried. They have not married yet. What could be the reason behind this that they are still single? Did she ever get a life partner like her, due to which she could not get married. Many such questions come to the mind of his fans and the audience. But Tabu has revealed the reason for not getting married. Yes, Tabu told that Ajay Devgan is the reason for his unmarried.

During an interview, Tabu said, 'I have known Ajay Devgan for 25 years. Ajay was my neighbor Sameer Arya's neighbor and close friend. In such a situation, when I was younger, these two kept a close watch on me. Whenever I saw a boy talking to me, he would beat him up. Both Ajay and Sameer were very big goons.

Let me tell you, Tabu was born on 4 November 1970. Tabu is going to celebrate his 50th birthday this year. Tabu has been from the film background. In such a situation, he was sure to enter the film industry. Even after her successful life, Tabu is still a virgin. Tabu entered the industry as a child artist.

He has played the role of child artist in many films including 'Hum Naujawan' and 'Bazaar'. Tabu, working in the film industry since 1980, played a wide variety of characters and became popular in her career so far. Tabu had a tendency towards films since childhood due to having a film background. This was the reason that he took entry in films at a very young age.