Shahrukh Khan will give this special surprise to his fans on birthday, will do virtual party

Bollywood's King Shahrukh Khan is very active on social media. Shahrukh Khan will celebrate his 55th birthday on 2 November. Every year Shah Rukh Khan organizes an event to meet his fans, but this time there is bad news for his fans as well as good news. This year Shahrukh Khan will not be able to meet his fans. Every year thousands of fans wait outside his bungalow, but this year it is not possible due to Corona.

Shahrukh will not let the fans be disappointed this year. This year Shahrukh has made some plans for his fans. King Anthem is going to celebrate its birthday online online this year. Due to Corona, Shahrukh has made a request to his fans. He wrote that the love of this time is a little distant man. According to sources, Shah Rukh Khan's fan club member informed that this year they will organize all things in a virtual way. He said that despite the corona, this celebration will be celebrated grand.

Let us tell you, during an interview, Shahrukh Khan will definitely do something special for his fans. He loves his fans very much. About 5000 fans from all over the world are going to join the virtual party. Shahrukh Khan's fans will hold a virtual birthday party for him on November 2. This party will be held at 11 am. At the same time, Shahrukh will cut his cake on the night of November 1.