Salman Khan remembers his relationship with Ijaz Khan-Pavitra Punia, love Dabangg Khan so many times

Bigg Boss 14 Salman Khan is seen every time opening the secret of all the contestants in the weekend war. But this time the reverse happened. Yes, Salman Khan himself was seen opening many secrets related to this weekend. As soon as the show starts, Salman appears in the Bigg Boss house which sounds like a girl who asks questions to Salman Khan. Whose question is answered.

The first question that comes from Salman Khan is that, seeing the relationship between Ijaz Khan and Pavitra, you miss your relationship. On the answer of which Salman Khan appears saying, 'I do not remember any relationship after seeing the relationship between the two'. Then after that another question comes, how many times has Salman fallen in love with you?

Salman Khan says this question in a funny way that I do not know love itself, how many times I have fallen in love. At the same time, Salman Khan did not appear to be taking anyone's class during the weekend. Because he believes that the guests were going to come on the show, due to which he did not want to spoil the mood of his family.

The weekend's episode was quite entertaining. Where Salman Khan is seen attacking the family during the weekend. At the same time, Elli Goni also appeared to be fronting with Nikka Tamboli. In Shee, Eli is seen praising Nikki and at the same time Nikki is seen saying that from this morning you are looking very beautiful.