Rakhi Sawant on Bharti Singh's name in drugs case, said something like this, users say - sometimes you talk good

Rakhi Sawant has given her reaction when the names of comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia appear in the drugs case. This video of Rakhi is going viral on social media. After watching Rakhi's video, social media users say that she sometimes talks good things.

Talking about the drugs case, Rakhi says - 'Suddenly raids are conducted and drugs are found. I don't know if someone is calling or giving a tip. All I want to say is why only artists are caught, why a minister's son is not caught. People are taking more people in the country. Okay. I cannot believe that this can happen to Bharti ji.

Rakhi further said, 'Bharti Singh is India's number one comedian. His response is. When I heard this news, the ground slipped under my feet. Bharti and Harsh are my good friends. I think it is someone's conspiracy. I think someone kept them in their house and called back. But Bharti has accepted it, I do not know how. Our agency NCB is doing a good job. I say test everyone narco, the way corona test is happening. I think drugs will come out in everyone's blood. Social media users are giving their reaction on Rakhi's talk.

One user wrote - the captive sometimes talks good things in the right. Another user wrote - He said absolutely right. Another user wrote - You have rightly said to a large extent. absolutely right. A user writes - I will say for the first time that you have said something right and good. Although some social media users do not agree with Rakhi.