PUBG Mobile Game coming back to India, found pre-registration

PUBG mobile game which is very popular among the youth is going to return to India again. This news is being discussed for many days and the company itself has confirmed this. PUBG Mobile Developers had announced that PUBG Mobile India is bringing a new game for Indian players. Not only this, three teasers of the game have also been released.

Some reports said that the game can be launched today (20 November), although no official announcement has been made in this regard at the moment. Explain that this popular game was banned by the Indian government in September. After this, the company was completely closed to Indian users from October 30. However, there are some users whose game is still present in their phones and they are also able to play it.

You can guess the return of the current official website game from the same fact that the company has also started an official website ( in the name of PubG Mobile India. Apart from this, the company has also released some teasers, in which the game has been described as Coming Soon. As of now, there has been no statement from the Indian government as to whether the new game will be allowed or not. 

game's popularity remains consistent despite the rapid pre-registration ban received. According to the report from Mobile Game Sharing Community TapTap, PUBG Mobile India Game has received more than 2 lakh pre-registrations. Actually the company started the pre-registration page for Android and iOS users before the launch of the game. This window is currently closed. This simply means that the game's launch is very close.