Mirzapur 2: Divyendu Sharma said - Playing the character of someone who is different from your personality

New Delhi: Divyendu Sharma rose to fame with his performance as a liquid in the 2011 film Pyaar Ka Panchnama and played many comedic roles over the next few years. However, the web series 'Mizarpur', the character of his sinister gangster Munna, gave him a chance to prove his versatility as well as win the hearts of fans. The actor says that he has so far enjoyed experimenting with different types of characters.

Divyendu is now ready to play the role of Akhil Srivastava in the upcoming web-series 'Scorpion Ka Khel'. Talking about the benefits of becoming an actor, Divyendu told IANS, "I am not like a gangster in real life. I am totally different from what Munna is. I think it is very funny to portray someone like that Is, which is completely different from your personality. To be someone else, to play a character that you are not, that's the fun of it. "

He went on to say, "It has been a fun journey for me to play all these characters, and I don't know that I have ever played a character that has my personality. I enjoyed experimenting with different types of characters . "

Talking about Alt Balaji's show 'Scorpion Ka Khel', Divyendu said, "It is like very eighties. It has dialogue going on. It has a very filmy music background score. It is a classic thriller. It has the story of a boy who solves the mystery of his father's death. It's quite good that way. I spent a fun time shooting it. "