Kiara Advani is jealous of Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif, told herself the reason

Kiara Advani's film Indu Ki Jawani is releasing. During the promotion of the film recently, Kiara revealed that she is jealous of Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. Kiara has also given the reason behind this. Kiara has revealed this in Kareena Kapoor Khan's chat show What Woman Want. Kiara told that they are jealous of the fit body of both of them.

Along with this, Kiara also told that she also likes the height of both actresses. Kiara has also praised both of them for how they workout and keep themselves fit.

During an interview a few days ago, she was asked that she considered it better than sex. Kiara responded with pizza, shopping and a good film. Kiara was also asked during this time that if she gets a chance to become an insect or a worm, what would she want to become? Kiara responds that she would like to become a caterpillar so that she can become a butterfly later. 

Kiara was left when she died

Kiara also stated during this time that she went on a trip with her classmates while she was studying in college. His room was set on fire on Trip. He felt that he could be killed that day.

Was in 10th class when first came into relationship

Actually in an interview Kiara had said, 'I was in 10th class when I first came into relationship. Then my mother caught me talking on the phone. He had said, your board exams are coming, you just keep all your attention on studies. 

Kiara had also said during this time that my mother and father had a love marriage and both were girlfriends-boyfriends before each other, so we have seen a very loving atmosphere in the house. So whomever I dated, I thought I would marry. So I Believe in Love and Marriage.

Kiara when asked what she cannot tolerate in the relationship? So the actress had said, "I cannot tolerate any kind of abuse".