Kangana Ranaut had mocked the grandmother who came to the farmer protest, deleted the tweet after being trolled

Kangana Ranaut is always in the headlines for her statements, but recently she has become a victim of trolling on one of her tweets. Actually, Kangana retweeted a tweet in which an elderly woman was seen in the Kisan Protest. In this tweet, he was being described as Shaheen Bagh's grandmother Bilkis Bano.

Kangana tweeted while retweeting, "Hahaha ... She is the same grandmother who was included in India's most powerful people." These are available for Rs 100. Pakistan's journalists have embarrassed international PR for India. We want people who can raise their voice internally for us.

Kangana is being trolled for her tweet because the tweet that Kangana had retweeted was fake. Kangana has deleted her tweet after being trolled.

Please tell that Bilkis Bano is also called Shaheen Bagh Dadi. She was quite popular during the CAA Protest.

Tweet for Wajid Khan's wife

In fact, recently Kamalrukh, the wife of the late singer Wajid Khan, has accused Singer's family of persecution and forcibly converting to Islam. Kangana tweeted in support of Kamalrukh, 'Parsis are a minority in this country. He had not come to capture the country, he had come in search and he sought the love of Mother India very comfortably. Their small population has contributed immensely in the beauty, growth and economic matters of our country.

Kangana further wrote, 'I want to ask Prime Minister Modi, how do we protect the minority people who do not do drama, do not behead anyone, riots and do not convert? The declining number of Parsis reveals a great deal about the character of India. '