Isha Deol's reaction when she saw her father Dharmendra's first wife

Isha Deol recently told an anecdote related to her father Dharmendra. Isha tells how she felt when she went to Dharmendra's family's house for the first time and met his first wife there. According to media reports, no one was allowed to come to Dharmendra's family's house from Hema, but Isha was the first person who went to his house from Hema's family.

Dharmendra's brother and Abhay Deol's father was ill, then Isha wanted to meet him. After this, Isha called Sunny. But what happened when Isha arrived at her house and saw her father's first wife. According to media reports, when Isha met Prakash Deol, the actress touched her feet. He blessed Isha and then left.

Let me tell you, Dharmendra married Prakash Gaur at the age of 19. Dharmendra and Prakash have 4 children Sunny, Bobby, Vijeta and Ajita. Dharmendra again married Hema Malini and both have 2 daughters Isha and Ahana. Let me tell you, both of them got married on 2 May 1980. Dharmendra was already married and changed his religion to Hema Malini without divorcing his first wife Prakash Kaur.

Dharmendra-Hema first met in 1965 during the premiere of Khwaja Ahmed Abbas's film 'Akash Mahal'. Dharmendra was established as a superstar in the film industry and Hema was able to act in a single film, which was a flop. But gradually both started getting attracted towards each other. Dharmendra had become so obsessed with Hema's style that he would not let anyone around him get ripped off.