Google's 'biggest' update, will increase battery life and performance

Google Chrome is a popular Internet browser, which is used from mobile to laptop. The company has released version 87 of the Chrome browser and is said to be one of Google's 'biggest releases' in terms of performance and security. This update is going to change the battery life of your device from Internet browsing experience. In such a situation, users have been advised to update their Chrome browser as soon as possible. 

Battery life will increase
. The biggest change with the new update will be the performance of Chrome. Google claims that Chrome will prioritize active tabs, that is, tabs that are not active will go into sleep mode. This will reduce CPU usage by 5 times. It will also be 25 percent faster than before. The company found in testing that using new chrome would increase the battery life by 1.25 hours. 

In the address bar of Google Chrome, now users will get the facility to change the settings directly. For example, if you write edit passwords or delete history in the address bar, then you will be able to go directly to their settings. Google Cards is now being added to Chrome's New Tab page. By clicking on these cards, users will be able to open related content and recently visited pages. This will save users time. 

In the new update, users have been given protection to avoid NAT Slipstream attack. This is a new type of cyber attack that recently surfaced. Through this attack, fraudsters help bypass firewalls and make connections to the internal network.