Google Task Mate app testing started in India, money will be available to complete the task

Google is testing a new app in India called Google Task Mate. Through this, users will be able to earn money by completing simple tasks in smartphones. In Google Tast Mate, businesses around the world will be able to post their different tasks. In this, users will have to do everything from clicking photos of restaurants, answering survey questions or translating from English to other languages. Currently, this app is in beta version and only select testers can use it. 

According to the report of 9to5Google , will be paid in local currency , a reddit user has posted regarding testing of task mate app. According to the information, on completion of the task, users will be paid as their local currency. The app is available for download on Google Play, although users will not be able to use it without a referral code. This referral code can be found only through Invite. 

Use in three steps
According to the description written on Google Play, the Task Mate app can be used in three easy steps. These three steps are to find the nearest task, complete the task to earn, and take the cash you earn. The task is divided into two categories - seating and field. However, Google Directly can also ask for any task. On the app you will be able to see how many tasks have been completed, how many have been corrected, your level and the tasks which are under review. 

If you have to go around to complete the task, then the approximate time taken to get there on the app will also be seen. You also get to know how much money will be earned on completing a task, although at present, this amount is seen in dollars. If you do not want to do any task or are unable to complete it, you can also skip it.