Google Photos may soon charge users for certain editing features

A UK user reported that the Google One subscription fee was asked for utilizing the Colour Pop filter

The photo viewing and editing application, Google Photos is a popular choice among users due to its cloud storage capabilities and the lookback feature. The application also provides editing functionalities for free, at least until now.

A few users have been reporting the existence of a paywall within the application. According to a XDA Developers report, Google Photos will be introducing a paywall for specific features in the editing application. The report claims that users who will try to use the Colour Pop filter with pictures that don’t have any depth information might have to pay for a subscription fee. This subscription fee will be levied in the forms of Google One.

Google One subscription is offered on a monthly basis. A UK user reported that the Google One subscription fee was demanded before utilizing the filter mentioned above. The report suggests that a teardown of the Photos app version 5.18 showed the paywall.

Google One subscription in India is priced at ₹130 per month or 1300 per year for 100GB. For 200GB, the user will either have to shell out ₹210 per month or ₹2,100 yearly. A total of 2TB of storage is available at ₹650 per month or ₹6,500 per year.

Responding to the query of a paid service on the Google Photos application, Google told The Verge that Colour Pop filter is not locked behind a paywall. Instead, the paid service will provide a better version of the same filter. This clarifies that Google does or will soon execute a paywall in the application.