Get Hindi typing with two clicks on phone and computer

There are many applications and software in the online world for typing in Hindi language on phone or computer. Many people download large-sized apps for typing in Hindi, which use a large amount of internal memory of the phone. Although computers and phones already have a built-in Hindi keyboard feature. It just needs to be turned on in settings. 

Get Hindi Keyboard in Smartphone 
Most of the phones running on Google's Android operating system have Google Keyboard already installed and Hindi keyboard is also inbuilt in this keyboard. Apart from this, many languages ​​of the world are also included in this app. Despite this, many users install different applications for Hindi typing in the phone.

In this way, activate Hindi typing in the phone,
for this, first open a message in the phone in which you want to type Hindi. After this, click on the option of typing in which a 'globe' has been given on the top or bottom of the keyboard. On clicking this, many options including Hindi will come on the phone screen, choose Hindi among them. After doing this, users can enjoy Hindi typing. You can follow the same procedure to convert from Hindi to English again.

When the globe icon does not appear  
To change the Gboard, if the icon of the globe is not coming in the phone, then go to Settings and click on the option of 'Language & Input'. In this, you will see 'Default' written under the keyboard and input method. In 'Default', the name of the app that is currently working on your phone. To activate the feature of Hindi keyboard, remember that Google keyboard is set by default. The Google keyboard will appear below the default. Touching on the right side of that option will open a new display above which Google keyboard setting will be written. After this, a box will open as soon as you click on the box containing the language. The first box will show 'Mark', But remove the mark from that box. By doing this, the option of most of the world's languages ​​will appear on your display. To turn on the Hindi keyboard, you will see the option of Hindi when you go down, click on the box to the right of it. Also, keep clicking on the box containing English (India) so that you can use Hindi and English typing. After this, both Hindi and English options will come in the phone's keyboard.

How to start typing Hindi in Windows 7
To turn on the Hindi keyboard in Windows, the user must first go to the 'Computer Panel' of the computer or laptop. Click the Start option on the left side of the display to go to the computer panel. With this, the new menu bar will open in which there will be an option of 'Computer panel' inside the black bar. After opening the computer panel, the user has to go to the option of Region and Language. Here you will see four new bars in the top bar. Format on first bar, location on second, There is a keyboard on the third and a choice of Language and Administration on the fourth. To get Hindi keyboard, click on the third number option 'Keyboard'. Then click on Change Keyboard. After this, another screen bar will open in which you have to click on 'General'. After going here go to the Hindi (India) option. In it, your 'Devanagari-Encrypt' and 'Hindi Traditional' boxes will appear. Select any one of them and click 'Apply'. This will make Hindi keyboard feature in the computer. There will be no need for a separate font for this. Mars font is the default on all Microsoft windows.

Easy to change keyboard to Hindi-English
The biggest advantage of this inbuilt keyboard of Microsoft is that it can be easily changed to Hindi and English. For this, all you have to do is press the Shift + Alt button simultaneously. For example, if you are typing Hindi, you can change the keyboard to English by pressing Shift + Alt. On the other hand, if you are typing in English, you can start typing in Hindi by pressing Shift + Alt.