Genelia D'Souza said- When I decided to marry Ritesh Deshmukh, people used to tell me that my career is over

Bollywood actress Genelia D'Souza is going to return to the big screen after years with the film It's My Life. In an interview, Genelia talked about her professional career to her career. She told that when she was going to get married, people had said that the career would be over. 

Genelia was asked the question that people missed the screen a lot. You enjoyed Motherhood after marriage. Are you ready to return to the acting world? Talking to Pinkvilla, Genelia said, 'I hope I get more work. I do not know what kind of roles I will get or how the industry will welcome me. To be honest, when I was about to get married, it was clear from my side that I wanted to spend time with family. I had done a lot of work before this. Even though people did not see me much in Hindi cinema, but I have done a lot of work in South Cinema.

Genelia further said, 'I worked 365 days of the year, after which I felt that a break was needed now. I wanted to give priority to my family and then children. One after the other I spent time with family, which is what I wanted. When I was going to get married, people used to tell me that hey you are getting married. Your career will be over. I heard it all, but I was clear that nothing could stop me from getting married because I wanted it. '

Let me tell you that Genelia D'Souza's film 'It's My Life' is going to be released after about 10 years now. Due to the film not getting a digital release, it is being released directly on TV. The film will be released on 29 November on Zee Cinema.