Even after doing 3 films with Aishwarya, Shah Rukh has to worry about what, watch a funny video

An old video of Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is going viral on social media. This is a video during an award function in which the best chemistry of both stars was seen.

At the beginning of this four-and-a-half minute video, Shah Rukh welcomes Aishwarya on stage and says - I was very unfortunate, with Aishwarya, the first film we worked with was the passion in which I was made Aishwarya's brother. People said, my face meets Aishwarya, I also used to think that if I have been made brother of Aishwarya, then I too will look like her somewhere. After this Devdas came in which was all set, I left them and when I came back, she left me.

After this, 'Mohabbatein', in which this ghost was made, I want a simple film in which, apart from brother and sister, the matter should move forward.
After this, Shahrukh takes Aishwarya's Hindi test. He asks them Hindi translation of many English words. Aishwarya also gives all the answers with full enthusiasm.

Shahrukh asks Aishwarya -
1) What is a superstar in Hindi?
Answer - Best star
2) What is perfume called?
Answer - Perfume
3) What is the Confident called?
Answer - Confident Complete
4) What is an actor called?
Answer- Actor
5) What is beauty secret called?
First Aishwarya says beauty secret, then correcting it, she says beauty's secret
6) What is a director called?
Answer - Director
7) What is cinema called?
Answer - Movies
8) What is a camera called?
Aishwarya gets a little stuck in the answer to this question. Then she answers - the reflection box which is absolutely correct.
After answering this funny question, Aishwarya takes Shahrukh's Hindi test, in which Shahrukh is seen giving many funny answers. Listening to them, along with Aishwarya, the audience is also looted.
Watch fun video of both of them.