Difference Between Email and Gmail - Difference Between Email and Gmail in Hindi

What's the difference between Gmail and Email - Often, when working on the Internet, a question always comes to our mind that what is the difference between Gmail and E-mail, because Gmail and E-mail are similar in viewing and listening. People do not have much technical knowledge, they have difficulty in understanding what is Gmail and what is E-mail and after all what is the difference between Email and Gmail, if you have the same question going on in your mind then all your questions Answers are going to be found in this post, so let's know what is the difference between Email and Gmail?

Difference Between Email and Gmail - Difference Between Email and Gmail in Hindi

To understand the difference between E-mail and Gmail, it is very important to first know about both, then first of all understand what is Email - 

What is Email - What is Email in Hindi

In the olden times, for sending correspondence, a mail was sent which was written on a postcard and the address of both the recipient and the sender of the letter was marked on it as well as the area in which. The PIN code number of the area is being sent to the mail (PinCode Number) was also written, after this the letter was going to the Post Office and put it in the Post Box,

after which the postman (Postman) sent it there. Used to collect from and sent to the concerned city through Transport, then the Local Postman of that city used to deliver it to the fixed address of that letter. Also, most people in the job profession were getting informations and Job Letters and invitation letters were sometimes received after passing time.

If you need to send Immediately Information to a person, then Telegram was used but sending Telegram was not so easy, it used electrical signals for which the Telegraph Machine was used. Was used for which the sending and receiving persons had to know a special type of code language which was not possible for everyone, to know about

History of Email - History of Email in Hindi

But in 1971, American-origin Computer Programmer Ray Tomlinson invented a technology that could send a message to two computers connected to the Internet Network, so he was given the father of E-mail. also called  ray Tomlinson (ray Tomlinson)  had sent himself an e-mail as a Test e-mail message

in which he had written some Text, which were "QWERTYUIOP" it was not a particular word but Ki board of  typewriter keys - (Typewriters Key)  of them had been pressed all the keys of the upper line mail Bejnee ARPANET (Arpanet) network was the use of 

This invention has brought a revolution in the technical world. The message sent through electronic or if the mail was sent was called E-mail i.e. Electronice Mail, so if your computer is connected to an Internet , the e-mail was born . So you can send your message in Seconds anywhere in the world through Elecronice mail, as soon as we came to know about the advantages of sending information from e-mail, then e-mail became very popular, for this invention Tom Hallinson (Ray Tomlinson) was awarded the Internet Hall of Fame Award in 2012, which is the Life Time Achivment Award given by the Internet Society. 

Who invented email - Who invented email in hindi

Email has been discovered, but the way in which you organize the email was not done. The credit for this important invention also goes to India. Currently the computer program which is used to send email which comes in Inbox for receiving email, Outbox for arranging the sent email and if you want to send a document with email, then there was also the option of Attechment and this program was created by VA Shiva Ayyadurai Native American scientists were

What is Email ID - What is email id in Hindi 

By e-mail, you have already understood that e-mail means electronice mail, now let's understand what an Email Id is, for example, to send a letter, both the sender and the recipient of the address need Same way an address is required to send an e-mail, let's understand

When you send a letter, it writes the recipient's name (Address) and its address (Address) followed by the doubt (Message) and then the sender's name (Sender). And his email address (E-mail address) is followed by email body (Message) and then the sender's e-mail address. Every person has a unique e-mail address called e-mail Id It is said that to get an e-mail ID, you have to create an e-mail account.

There are currently a lot of e-mail Service Provider Commpany for creating e-mail account like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Redifmail. All these companies provide the facility to create free e-mail when you visit any of these websites. When you register to create a mail account, then you are given a unique e-mail address, which you also know by the name of e-mail id or mail address for example

Email Address Structure - Email Address Structure in Hindi 

An email id is made up of two parts, the first user name and the second domain name. These two parts are divided by the sign of @. In fact, the at sign (@) is the full form at the rate, which is used to rate someone in mathematics. It is done to determine.

But in email it is not used to determine the rate of someone but to indicate the name of the email service provider or the name of the social networking site . This indicates which site your account is on, or simply states that you are "located at" and that the at sign (@) was also invented by Ray Tomlinson and the same email was so vast Of internet network.

Let me tell you that any email ID is in two parts. A portion that precedes @. It contains your name or the letter or number you choose and the second part is the one that comes after the @ sign, in which the domain name of the email service provider is written.

So by now you have understood what is email, what is an e-mail address or email id, who created it and what are the benefits of using it, let's now know about gmail 

What is Gmail - What is Gmail in Hindi 

Like we told you above that to send any email, it is necessary to create an email account and for that you have to register on a webmail service providing site so that you can send and receive email in the same way. Google 21 March 2004 Released its web based email facility named gmail, any person can use it through their web browser, for which they have to register on

gmail, after that they can login on gmail's website and see all their emails And can also send the biggest benefit of web based email service is that all the data of email is always online, there is no need to download and keep it, all the data is safe on google's server, no data is safe on your computer is done 

When you log into a gmail account, all the emails from google's server start appearing in your web browser. When you create a free account on gmail, then you are given 15GB of free space on google's cloud storage, which benefits you We also pick up other services related to gmail. Let us know what benefits you get from a gmail id and where you need a gmail id.

Benefits of Gmail Account - Benefits of Gmail Account in Hindi

1. To enter the world of Internet, you have to have a mail ID and if that email ID is Gmail then you can take advantage of other features along with sending your email.

2. When you create a new Email Account on Gmail for the first time, then you are given 15 GB of free cloud storage from Google.

3. With the creation of Gmail ID, you can also take advantage of other features provided by Google for free including Top Online Services like Youtube, Google Drive, Blogger, Google Photo, Google Meet, Google Docs, Google My Business, Google Classroom, Google Calendar Are included

4. When you bring a new Android phone, you also need a Gmail ID, without gmail id, you cannot download any application and game in Android Phone from Google's Play Store.

5. If you have a gmail id, it makes your business and your job profile strong. You can stay in touch with customers by creating email id for your business. By entering email id while registering on any job search site, you will get job will get notification

6. If you do not want to share the mobile number with any person and also want to be in contact with them, then email id is the best option.

7. To create Chennel on YouTube, you also need to have a Gmail Id, so that you can reach your information to others as well as online Earning.