Bigg Boss 14: What will be the topic of Salman Khan's class in today's weekend war? Names of Pavitra, Ejaz and Nikki are included

In the weekend war of Bigg Boss 14, Salman Khan is seen attacking the family members. Every week, Salman Khan takes a class of contestants after seeing their activities for a week. Salman brings some topic every week, but in today's upcoming episode, what are the things that Salman Khan can provoke on those contestants. Learn in our story

Nikki's strategy

In this week's nomination process, Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli had to face off. Where Big Boss put a mask between them and said that the one who will have the mask in his hand will survive and the other will be nominated automatically. Nikki captured the mask as soon as her name was announced. Rahul tried to snatch the mask from Nikki. When Nikki felt that she would not be able to compete with Rahul, she hid the mask inside her paint. Rahul was stunned by this act of Nikki. He said that this is wrong. Now how will they remove the mask?

Wrangle of holy and ayaz

Where Eli Gony took a banged entry in Bigg Boss house this week, there was a lot of debate in Ijaz and Pavitra. Pavitra is unhappy with Ijaz's treatment of the nomination recently. Holy house does its own work. When Ijaz says intermittently, when you become a captain, do all this. On this, the holy one flashes on them and says that they did not say anything. She calls Ejaz as a favor and chameleon and loses her temper and angrily kills the holy Ijaz Khan with her elbow.

During the luxury budget task, the house has been divided into angels and devils. In which Nikki, Ali and Ijaz were made devils. In which Bigg Boss said that angels have to accept everything from devils. At the same time, Ijaz Khan has been made the devil in the show, and Jaan Sanu Angel. In the task, Ijaz Jaan is asked to enter the toilet. Then he speaks to life that put his hand in the commode. He speaks to life that completely put his hands in the water. After this, he tells John that removing the shirt and wiping his hands. And if I get a single splash, then I will tell you to lick it.