Bigg Boss 14: Rules violations hit the housemates, Ali Goni-Kavita Kaushik's hostility

On Kavita Kaushik's saying to Ali Goni that 'Your father is me', Ali's mercury has become very high. With which they lift the whole house on their head.

In 'Bigg Boss 14', Ali Goni (Aly Goni) is seen playing his game very well. In the beginning of the show, where Kavita and Ali had a very good friendship, now both of them get into each other's eyes. Violent behavior has been seen many times in Ali Goni's house. Recently, Ali's angry attitude has been seen once again at home.

In the recently released promo, Ali is seen raging with Kavita Kaushik. The reason for this quarrel is that Big Boss told the participants that some rules have been broken in the house and only those captains can use those things. Bigg Boss asks Kavita to punish those who have broken the rules of the house and something of the ruler will be taken away.

Nikki Tamboli tells Kavita that Ali has given chocolate to Holy Punia and has broken the rules of her house, she should be punished. Then after that Kavita takes Ali's trimmer and puts it in a box. After which Ali gets angry and says to Kavita that if she has the strength. After that Kavita calls Ali a goon, on which Ali says, 'What are you illiterate? Kavita says to Ali - I am your father.

Ali loses his temper after listening to this and says to the poem that, "I don't want to be your father." How is she taking my father's name. She will cry now Tell this woman to sleep for two minutes at night. I will make you live in this house. Now, who is a punk? Seeing which Kavita tells Bigg Boss that she cannot live in this house with such a violent person.