Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya-Rubina Dilac's debate over the captivity task fiercely

Everyone's friendship and enmity with the Captaincy Task in Bigg Boss house is changing. In the recently released promo, Rahul and Rubina got quite hot.

No one knows when two friends become enemies in Bigg Boss's house and when two enemies become friends. Now a promo has been released for today's upcoming episode in which a very bad fight was seen between Rahul and Rubina. Also, to win Captain Task, Rubina appeared to ask her husband Abhinav to fight against Ali. Is Rubina going to do any other trick for Rahul's captivity?

In yesterday's episode, Rahul was given an inverted black heart to represent himself, while Rubina was given a red heart. At the same time, when John Eli tells Gony that he will win the game to disrupt Rubina's strategy.

As soon as the task starts, Abhinav is seen telling Rahul that Rahul has brought the gutter to the house. After this Rahul gets angry and asks Rubina, 'Where does this cheap lawyer come from, who opens his mouth everywhere'. At the same time, it is further seen in this video that Ejaz and Kavita are seen once again clashing with each other and are arguing about kitchen duty.

In today's upcoming episode, it is seen whether Rubina will be able to hold the title of captaincy with her husband Abhinav or Rahul will win this task and will be seen running at will.