Bigg Boss 14: Naina rebels against Ijaz Khan's captivity, angry over cigarette talk

The process of fighting each other in Bigg Boss 14 is still pending. Where Ejaz Khan is currently the captain of the house. Householders have started having problems with his captaincy. But his captaincy may soon hit. Recently, a promo of the show has been released, in which Ijaz Khan's actions, especially his friends, seem quite upset.

The battle of Ijaz took place over Naina Singh's Green Tea. Naina did not have a green tea and asked for it from Jan Kumar Sanu. On which Jan was told that he cannot give any luxury item to anyone. In such a situation, Ijaz took Naina's packet of cigarettes, which angered Naina.

Naina also says after snatching the packet of cigarettes that she will not cook. Nikki Tamboli, on the other hand, is blaming Aijaz and saying that he cannot do it. Ijaz says that he will do what comes in his mind and no one can stop him. Ijaz said that if anyone has problems with his captaincy, then he should be removed from the post of captain.

But the thing to be seen in today's episode will be whether Naina will be able to convince her. Will Nikki be able to prove Ejaz Khan wrong by raising her voice?