Bigg Boss 14: Jan Kumar Sanu accuses Nikki Tamboli of being homeless

Last week, Jan Kumar Sanu became homeless from his home during the weekend. After coming out of the house, Jan made a lot of allegations against Nikki Tamboli.

Every contestant stays in the headlines after Bigg Boss comes out of the house. He is seen opening many secrets of the house. This week, Jan Kumara Sanu has been homeless from Bigg Boss season 14. Only after coming out of the house, Jan Kumar spoke a lot about Nikki Tamboli. In the early days of the show, Nikki and Jaan had a very good friendship, but after a few weeks the friendship of both of them soured.

Recently, Jan Kumar Sanu told Nikki Tamboli in an interview that, Nikki is ready to do anything to be on the show. She is very hungry for publicity. She also wants to be good in the eyes of everyone. They do not have a plan. But she wants to stay in the limelight simply because of her antics. Then after that Jaan says about Ijaz Khan, 'Ijaz Khan is a very good person. He is always active to win his game. Because of which they behave quite dirty.

At the same time, Jan also spoke about his father Kumar Sanu. He said, 'We have three brothers at home. My mother Rita Bhattacharya single-handedly raised us. We did not get the love of father since childhood. I do not know why he did not support and promote as a singer. There are many stars in the industry who have been divorced and have remarried to someone else. He may not have ever talked about his X-Wife, but never backed down from supporting children from his first marriage. All of them played the responsibility of children. But, in my case, my father Kumar Sanu was not in touch with any of us.