Bigg Boss 14: Ejaz Khan tells Kavita Kaushik that Nikki's 'Joker', know what happened then

Inside the house, the quarrels of Ejaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik have plagued all the family members. Both are seen fighting every day.

After some time in the Bigg Boss house, the scenes keep turning. Looking at the process of nomination this week, it can be clearly said that this has never happened in any season. Nominate Ejaz Khan, Rubina Dilac, Jasmine Bhasin, Jan Kuman Sanu, Nikki Tamboli have been at home this week. At the same time, the show saw a fight between Ejaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik over cleaning the kitchen counter.

Kavita taunts Ejaz, saying, 'The counter has not been cleared since morning in the spur of your eggs'. Ijaz gets agitated after hearing this and says that the counter will be clear when he speaks. Very much respected, 'Kavita Kaushik also retaliates on Ejaz and says go with the goons and make his team' and in anger, Kavita Kaushik appeared to push Ejaz Khan.

In today's upcoming episode, a fight will be seen between Aijaz Khan and Nikki Tamboli. Yes, in the recently released promo, Ejaz Khan tells Nikki Tamboli that, 'How long Nikki will continue to do her own arbitrariness and we keep doing her work. She roams throughout the house. He also says that everyone should punish him. After hearing that Nikki Tamboli claps. After which Ijaz says that everyone laughs even at the circus clown. They are fun even after watching the Joker.

After listening to this, Kavita appears angry and comes inside the house and then Ijaz Khan also appears. Will Aijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik fight be seen in today's show or will Nikki Tamboli sit quietly listening to Aijaz Khan.