Bigg Boss 14: During the elimination process of Kavita Kaushik, there was such a reaction of the family members by listening to the said things

Kavita Kaushik, the new Captain of the house, told Ali Goni a lot in the elimination process of the house, seeing all the families ran away before they came out.

Kavita Kaushik and Ali Goni were initially seen playing games together, but since the Captaincy Task, the two have become known enemies of each other. In the upcoming show after a few hours, Bigg Boss will be seen giving the task of nominating the members of the house. In the task, Kavita Kaushik Ali is seen saying very funny things about Goni. Seeing this, all the householders and Ali Goni himself are seen making fun of them.

Kavita Kaushik Ali nominates Goni, saying, 'The enmity that he has started with me has started. I am shocked by her Big Boss. I never go to the front and mess with Ali Goni and his female partner Jasmine. I respect this show a lot.

In the recently released promo, Ali Goni appeared to make fun of him and also said, 'Stop Bigg Boss TV. Everyone ignite the poem. This woman is very danger. Operator is enough, just do it. Enough is enough and Ali takes all the family members and asks him to leave the room. All the householders go out after getting upset about the poem. Not only this, when the poem says that I respect this show very much, all the families start laughing loudly.