Be careful before selling old smartphone or laptop

It is easy to sell an old phone or laptop, but do you know how big a threat it can be to you. Actually, old phones, laptops or hard disks contain the necessary data and many people hand it over to others without deleting or cleaning it. This data can not only dent your privacy, but sometimes bank related data can also be leaked.

Antivirus software maker Kesperky Labs had said in its research that data of computer / phone users is sold in the dark web. In view of these threats, it is important that we know how to keep our information secure.  

Make the phone such a clean
smartphone is no longer limited to contacts and photos. In fact, many apps even save your home address and bank card information. Even the phone contains many important documents such as PAN card, passport and license photo, which can cause great harm after reaching the wrong hand.   

the phone For this, go to the settings of the phone, then click on the option with re-set. In it, click on the option of factory re-set. Keep in mind that the options in the phones of different companies may change. Cyber ​​security research firm Kesparki Lab had claimed in its research that digital data of people on the dark web can be sold for less than Rs 3,500.   

Delete old data 
from laptop You cannot protect your data by deleting the entire data of old laptop before selling it, because that data can be retrieved with recovery software. In such a situation, 'file sharereader' software will be helpful. It can be downloaded for free by visiting Apart from this, more software is available on the Internet.  
- After installing this software a small window will open. 
- There will be three options like Ad Files, Ad Folder and Shared Free Disk Space.
To delete all the data present in the laptop, the third option would be to choose 'free free disk space'. 
- This will permanently save data on hard disk and other locations. 
- Keep in mind that this process takes a little time.