Audio clip of Ali Goni and Jasmine Bhasin leaked, said this about the show

Ali Goni and Jasmine Bhasin are creating a lot of uproar in Bigg Boss these days. Meanwhile, an audio clip of both is going viral. In this audio clip, both are talking about the extension of the show. At the beginning of the audio, Jasmine says, ask us to extend the season a little, will you? If you don't then leave Then Ali says - It has to be written on the contract. 

Jasmine says, I think two weeks will be an extender. Is the rating too bad? Ali says- don't know how it is now but it is around 1.2, opening 2.7 was good.

Jasmine again asks, was this rating consistent or even dropped, even after being seniors? Ali says- If there is an extension, it will be a month, if it is not a week, and if it happens then I am of no use because my contract is like this. 

Jasmine says, 'One month is too much Ali. Your contract is 10 weeks old or not. Ali again says - you have 11 left in which I have turned 4, I have come in the fifth week.

Jasmine finally says, "I just hope I get out and get the show." Please tell that these days Jasmine is having a lot of debate with Rubina Dilac. In the beginning of the show, there was a very good friendship between the two, but now the friendship of the two is slowly coming down. The two often fight over the task.