Anushka Sharma's new picture goes viral on the internet, the actress sitting on the couch flaunted the baby bump

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has shared another picture flaunting baby bump on social media. Along with this picture, he has shared his Instagram story, in which he told how his life has changed.

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is very active on social media. Recently, he has shared many photos flaunting Baby Bumb. Which people are very much like and are congratulating them. Anushka has shared another picture after this. In this picture, he flaunted the baby bump. Along with this, he has shared the changes inside him on Insta Story.

In the new picture that Anushka Sharma has shared on Instagram, she is sitting on a couch and posing for the photo. His baby bump is seen in this picture. His hair is open. She looks very beautiful in this picture. With this, he wrote in his InstaStory, "Everything changed the day I decided that you should learn me, not my enemy."

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Three days before this, Anushka shared one such picture, in which she is sitting on a chair and her father is taking her father's picture. In the picture, there is a glass window or wall behind Anushka, in which her father's shadow is visible. She is taking pictures of Anushka and Anushka is smiling and posing side by side.

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Sharing this photo during tea time , Anushka wrote, "When your father takes a candid photo of perfect tea time and tells you to take it out of the frame but he does not do it because - daughter!" Along with this, he has also shared a hearty and laughing emoji. Fans are commenting heavily on this picture of Anushka and it has got almost three lakh likes.