X contestants shared many secrets about Bigg Boss's house, said- to stay in this house

Staying in Bigg Boss house for weeks and months, doing various types of tasks, watching cameras at every step and then exposing it to the whole world. These are things that are not easy to deal with. Big Boss housemates say that it is very important to have a strong defense mechanism for this.

Gauhar Khan, winner of 'Bigg Boss 7', combines this survival kit with personality. Gauhar said, 'There is no formula to win the show, but it has a lot to do with your personality. What you are and how well you connect with the audience, it matters the most. Everyone has a different personality. Just need to know how to show it to the audience.

The 7th season actress Kamya wanted to leave the show in the middle of Punjabi. She says, 'Staying at home is not easy. I remember that there was a time when I felt that I would have to leave the show to meet my daughter. I did not know if I would get this chance again or not, so I did not want to leave it.

The 13th season star Paras Chhabra says, 'People love a true person. stay what You Are. If anything goes wrong, still stand firm with your beliefs.

Mahira Sharma gives her opinion and says that. "I feel that my honesty and reality only worked. I cannot relate to others for anything."

Housemate Aarti Singh of the 13th season says, 'I knew this was my last chance to prove myself. If I say it was easy to live in a house, it would be a lie. During my stay at home, I used to have panic attacks and all this was seen on National TV. I showed all my reality, whether it was confidence or my oversmart or looking like 'Lallu', it was all real. People appreciate truth and honesty.

She says, "Abusive behavior can help you survive, but it can also have a very negative effect. I remember that Salman Sir used to warn us that there is life outside the show and we have to present ourselves in a dignified way.