Why 'Sapna' goes to 'kill' Archana Puran Singh on The Kapil Sharma show

Kapil Sharma recently became Navjot Singh Sidhu in his show 'The Kapil Sharma Show', such an action that Archana Puran Singh had to answer to him. Archana wrote - Kapil Sharma I had to throw the same stone on you and Krishna Abhishek's head.

A video of The Kapil Sharma Show is going viral in which Kapil is seen in the avatar of Navjot Singh Siddhu and is preparing to kill the show's judge Archana Puran Singh. Yes, in this video, the actor who plays the character of Navjot Singh Siddhadhu, Kapil Sharma Sapna, is seen giving stone to Krishna Abhishek in the head of Archana Puran Singh. This video is becoming forcefully viral on social media.

Let us tell you that all this was Kapil's exploits. In fact, Kapil arrived in his show 'The Kapil Sharma Show' by becoming Navjot Singh Sidhu so that he can take revenge on Archana Puran Singh sitting on his chair as a special guest.

Kapil Navjot Singh while siddhu, 'Sapna' Krishna says to Abhishek, 'You are a dream, aren't you? With Archana ji? Give him a small message of mine. Hit it on his head. Sidhu turned Kapil gives Sapna a brick. On this, Sapna i.e. Krishna Abhishek says, 'On the head? Laughs a lot, will enjoy it a lot. I just give it.

At the same time, Archana Puran Singh also responded to this act of Kapil. He commented on this video, 'Thankfully I had shown this video before. This video was posted only after I did 'OK' or else Kapil Sharma, I had to throw the same stone on you and Krishna Abhishek's head.