Why Google Is Showing Anushka Sharma As Afghanistan Cricketer Rashid Khans Wife

Mumbai: What is the name of the wife of Afghanistan cricketer Rashid Khan? You may not know the answer to this question, but according to Google, that name is Anushka Sharma! Do not be surprised if you do not search on Google Rashid Khan Wife, you will get to see the result right here. By the way, let us know that Rashid Khan is not married yet.

This mess of Google has become news. Now, to find out why Google is making this mess, there is a little doubt on Artificial Intelligence from what has been revealed. Actually, Rashid Khan had named his favorite actress in an interview a few years ago. In which he took the names of Anushka Sharma and Preity Zinta. But now, after searching the name of Rashid Khan's wife on Google, Anushka Sharma's name is showing in the result.

It is well known that Anushka Sharma, the famous actress and producer, is the wife of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. Every news from the marriage of both of them to the child is present on Google. Despite this, why Google is making such a mistake is surprising. Actually this whole game is an algorithm. Algorithm is the language of computers. You will see results like the things you feed into it.