Web Series Churails Closed After Accusations Of Obscenity In Pakistan

The web series 'Witches' has been banned in Pakistan. The artists have since criticized the ban. British-Pakistani director Aseem Abbasi said that his Pakistani web series 'Witches' has been closed in his native country. The series, which is streamed on the G5, has received much acclaim. This series puts forward the reality of patriarchy.

In fact, a clip of the series went viral in which Hina Khwaja Bayat's character Sheri is talking about sexual favors given to her to move up the ladder of social class. After this clip, on social media, Yazars demanded a ban, alleging obscenity in it.

However, Pakistan's Telecommunication Regulatory Body PTA has said that they have not blocked the show, but G5 has removed it due to objections about content from the public.

Sirji's director Abbasi took to Twitter to express disappointment about the removal of his show in the country. He said that even after getting international acclaim, it is strange to stop the series in his native country. He said that in the country where hundreds of artists came together to make something new and open the doors of new natives. Abbasi has been famous for his family drama "Cake".

Abbasi said that “Artic freedom has been abolished, because some people have wrongly considered it a moral hazard. It's not just my loss. It is a loss for all actors, writers, directors and technicians across Pakistan, who were expecting their sevier from the OTT platform. " Pakistani actors, filmmakers and other celebrities have criticized it after the series was banned.