This Mirzapur Actor Was Not Getting Any Work Ott Platform Saved His Career

Amit Syal, who is seen in the role of Inspector in Webseries Mirzapur, will also be seen this time in Mirzapur 2. At the same time, the webseries Mirzapur 2 has only a few days left to release. Every character in this webseries has a different identity, whether it is carpet brother or Guddu brother. The story of Mirzapur 2 will start from where it was finished.

Actor Amit Syal, who played the role of Inspector in Mirzapur 2, believes that the OTT platform has made his career. Amit has also demonstrated his tremendous acting ability in the film 'Titli' but he was not getting more challenging characters in the films, after which he started thinking very seriously about his career.

Amit said in an interview that. 'Approach was quite simple for me, my career was coming to an end. I was not getting films that I wanted to be a part of and whatever I was getting was not satisfactory to me at all. OTT has saved my career. I can say this also because I was in a position to give up and I was largely in such situations where I could not understand what to do and how to pursue my career. After this I got a webseries named Inside Edge and after that my career improved in many ways.

Amit further said, 'I think it has been a good change for me because I have managed to play many interesting and challenging characters and I want to do something similar in my career and my life. Amit also said that they give priority to OTT platforms as the level of content in this format is much better. '