These days, Aditya Narayan is in the news, where earlier there was a lot of discussion about his marriage, now he is in the news about his statement. Recently, the news of her being a pauper had caught a lot of emphasis, while breaking the silence on all these things, Aditya Narayan has given clarification. And have rejected them outright.

There was news about Aditya's bankruptcy

Recently, it was revealed that Aditya Narayan, son of playback singer Udit Narayan in Bollywood, has gone bankrupt. Only 18 thousand rupees are left in his account. Not only this, but it was also said that he has withdrawn his savings and funds invested in mutual funds. That is, they have nothing left now. After which, now Aditya Narayan himself has broken the silence and has told all the news wrong.

How can i be a pauper? -Aditya

Now Aditya Narayan, the well-known name of the small screen, said while clarifying 

"After working for more than two decades and that too continuously, how can I be a pauper? I normally said that my 5 lakhs have been cut for EMI and I still have 18 thousand left. But It does not mean that I have gone bankrupt and I have no money left. " 

Let me tell you that in an interview, Aditya Narayan said "I bought a new apartment before lockdown so I have to think about my EMI and if this epidemic lasts for a long time then we may face problems. " After this statement, all this misunderstanding started and this news became viral after seeing that Aditya Narayan has gone bankrupt. Many people from the industry even called him for help. 

Aditya is in a relationship with Shweta Aggarwal

It is being said that Aditya Narayan is in a relationship with actress Shweta Aggarwal and by the end of this year, he will also get married. Their relationship has lasted for 10 years and now they have decided to get married. The two met on the set of the accursed film in which Aditya played the lead role.