These 10 Ads Of Tanishq Which Were Always In The Headlines See The Full List

Jewelery brand Tanishq is in headlines. Tanishq remains a topic of discussion due to one of his advertisements. This advertisement is getting mixed response on social media. Some people are supporting this advertisement, while some people are going to boycott it. Many stars have also tweeted about it. After seeing this advertisement, some people are calling it 'Love Jihad' and 'fake secularism'.

This is not the first time that advertisements made by Tanishq have attracted public attention. Earlier, the jewelery brand advertisements caught the headlines. A different type of story is told inside the advertisements of Tanishq brand, which touches the hearts of most people. We have brought before you a list of similar advertisements which made headlines.

1. This ad depicts the marriage of a single mother. He already has a daughter and the woman is going to get married for the second time.

2. In this ad, the story of a couple is shown, in which the woman goes on a tour away from her boyfriend. After returning from the tour, the woman asks her boyfriend if you missed him. After this, the boy proposes him with a ring gift. 

3. In this advertisement, a boss advises her employer to dress up properly. It has been shown in the advertisement that having proper dress up does not matter, the importance of work is more preferred. 

This advertisement, showing social harmony, has been shown about the baby shower ceremony of a woman, who is married in a Muslim family.

In this advertisement, it has been shown about the life of a woman, who was speaking sorry to everyone till now. But today life has given him a chance, because of which he can speak to the whole world thankfully. 

In this advertisement, a woman has given more importance to her beauty without prioritizing her age.

This ad depicts an office where women work and appreciate their fellow employees by giving gifts.

In this ad, about the love affair of mother-in-law is shown. Where a mother-in-law makes diamond jewelery on her daughter-in-law's birthday.

In this advertisement, the importance of Valentine's Day has been shown, where self-importance has been given.

This ad tells the story of one woman leaving the party in honor of another woman.